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      Syrris is a world leader in flow chemistry, batch chemistry reactor systems, and chemical scale-up solutions. Syrris products are used in laboratories around the world for applications including process development, discovery chemistry, reaction calorimetry, crystallization, and process scale-up.?Since?forming in 2001, Syrris has an established customer base including hundreds of chemical companies and academic institutions around the world, including?all?the?world’s?top 20 pharmaceutical?companies.?


      Based in Royston (near Cambridge), United Kingdom.?Syrris?takes pride in designing and developing chemistry products?that enable chemists to perform their best chemistry. The Syrris product range?includes?jacketed?reactors,?flow chemistry?systems,?pilot scale reactors, and reaction calorimetry systems?solutions for use on?a?broad range of applications from synthesis, process optimisation and reaction analysis to crystallization and calorimetry.??

      Traditional batch chemistry?and reaction calorimetry?systems?

      The Syrris range of traditional batch chemistry systems covers manual and automated jacketed reactors, high-performance syringe pumps, pilot scale-up reactors, calorimetry, crystallization, and high-pressure?systems.?

      Our jacketed reactors are manufactured to enable precise temperature control, powerful stirring, and ultimate ease-of-use.?

      Atlas HD Automated Jacketed Reactor?

      Atlas HD is an automated, modular jacketed reactor platform for R&D chemists and chemical engineers.? Atlas HD enables supreme flexibility with seamless and tool-free interchangeability of jacketed reactors from 50 mL to 5 L.?Tailored for applications including?process chemistry, (sono)crystallization,?reaction calorimetry, and many more,?Atlas HD?offers?a wide temperature range of -90 to +250?°C, stirring options, and pressures from vacuum to 200 bar. A range of sensors including turbidity, temperature, pressure, and pH can be configured in addition to automated dosing options using the Atlas Syringe pump.?

      Orb Jacketed Reactor?

      Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind,?the?Orb?Jacketed Reactor combines?high performance and excellent value.?Orb’s intuitive design makes using jacketed reactors simple with the ability to use a wide vessel range from 100 mL to 10 L on one system. The compact design saves space and provides a robust, reliable platform to suit your chemical processes.?

      Orb Pilot?

      Orb Pilot is a pilot-scale, modular jacketed reactor for scaling up batch processes and offers multiple setups in one footprint.?Orb Pilot is the most flexible and versatile floor standing jacketed reactor system for scaling up of batch processes. Designed from the ground up with the help of scale-up chemists and chemical engineers, Orb Pilot boasts a wealth of user-friendly features such as quick vessel changes, easy height adjustments, and a self-adjusting spring-loaded base frame.?

      Chemisens?Reaction Calorimeter?

      The?Chemisens?Reaction Calorimeter is the most sophisticated, powerful, and accurate reaction calorimeter available. The?Chemisens?Reaction Calorimeter uses a unique True Heat Flow Measurement technology to enable real-time,?precision analysis.?

      Atlas Syringe Pump?

      The Atlas Syringe Pump is perfect for chemists looking for a single syringe pump that can fulfill all their chemistry needs.?

      A versatile?syringe pump featuring advanced dosing protocols including pH control, temperature dependent dosing, and?auto?sampling, with flow rates up to 200 mL/min.?

      The Syrris range of?award-winning?continuous flow?chemistry systems have enabled chemists around the world to?access new?areas of?chemistry, speed up drug discovery and development, and perform faster and safer chemistry.?Discover how on our?“what is flow chemistry?” applications page.?

      Asia Flow Chemistry System?

      Asia is a revolutionary range of flow chemistry?products. It has been designed by chemists for chemists to enable the widest variety of chemical reactions and ultimate ease of use?with either?manually controlled or fully automated experiments. The Asia Flow Chemistry System offers maximum chemical resistance with an extensive range of temperatures, pressures, and reaction times on scales from mg to?Kg.?It?was recognized as?winner?of the R&D 100?Award?and?is proven in over?100?publications.?

      Asia Flow Chemistry Syringe Pump?

      Designed specifically for flow chemistry, the ultra-smooth Asia Flow Chemistry Syringe Pump?is the heart of any flow chemistry system and?offers ultra-smooth flow from 1.0?μL?to 10 mL/min and can be used in standalone mode or with PC control and is perfect for all your lab’s flow chemistry.?

      Titan?Scale-Up Flow Chemistry System?

      Titan is a revolutionary continuous chemical processing system for production scales from lab, through?to?pilot plant?and up?to manufacturing?quantities.?

      Titan?Scale-Up Flow Chemistry?Syringe Pump?

      The Titan Syringe Pump is a high-performance pump for safe and reliable continuous flow scale-up with maximum chemical compatibility and ultra-smooth flow.?The Titan Syringe Pump is a single channel pump optimized for continuous?chemical?processing applications and offers flow rates from 1 to 250 mL/min and pressures up to 20 bar. It allows manual control via its touchscreen and full automation with PC software.?

      Popular applications?

      Syrris products are used for a range of applications across various industries.?Our most popular applications include;?

      • Continuous flow chemistry?
      • Drug discovery and development?
      • Nanoparticle synthesis?
      • Reaction calorimetry?
      • Electrochemistry?
      • Crystallization?
      • Sonocrystallization?
      • Polymerization?
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