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      Dolomite Bio

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      Dolomite Bio, founded in 2016, specializes in building tools for high throughput single cell profiling. Through the use of droplet microfluidics, our Nadia Product Family allows researchers to uncover unique cellular insights in a range of diseases and immunity.

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      The Nadia Product Family

      Nadia Instrument
      A completely automated solution for researchers looking to run standardized single cell protocols and applications. The system streamlines single cell research and provides users with ease of use and automation.

      Nadia Innovate Using the Innovate new applications and protocols can be developed to give users flexibility in their approach to single cell research.

      Dolomite Bio’s Nadia Product family has been designed to offer scientists ease of use, unrivaled versatility and cost-effective analysis.

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      Nadia Instrument


      Single Cell RNA-Seq Single Cell RNA-Seq – High throughput profiling of single cells

      Single Nuclei RNA-Seq Single Nuclei RNA-Seq – High throughput profiling of single nuclei from complex tissues

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